Things You Must Have While Travelling Alone

I bet if you Google ‘Things to pack while travelling alone’ you will be bombarded with the number of websites telling you so many random things to pack and to not to pack. Some of them are helpful and I tried them as well when I was looking for that information. But I thought since now I have learned some lessons while travelling, it would be a better idea to share the things I think are important on your solo trip and most of them (you are the final decision-maker though) should be in your backpack when you get on the plane. So here are some things I pack every time I step out for a trip.

Old School things you must have with you:

If you are planning to travel a country where you don’t know anyone and never been there are few things you should always keep with you, they are very helpful.  These things a bit old school but a life saver when you are in trouble.

  1. Casio F-19 W watches: A $10 watch with excellent battery and alarm clock is a very basic watch but very helpful on the solo trips. No one will steal it and when all the high tech gadgets run out of battery this keeps you in the game.Travelling Alone
  2. A money Belt: Best thing I have in my travel accessories is this simple looking belt but with a killer feature. There is a pocket in the belt where you can keep the money for an emergency purpose. If you get mugged or someone picked your pocket, no one is going to steal your 10$.
  3. Old age Nokia phone: (Not smart one): Yes we all know the pain of out of battery problem in our smartphones at the peak time when we need it most, imagine if this happens in some unknown place. A 25$ old Nokia phone will be charged more than 3 days and will help you in worst time.

What else?

  1. World Plug Adapter: Another important thing to have in your bag is the multi-country power adapter. Different part of the worldTravelling Alone have the different type of power sockets and the last thing you want is your phone runs out of battery and you can’t charge it because your charger socket is different from the one available.
  2. A portable source of power: Thanks to our smartphones for creating the need of another new gadget called Power bank. It’s a good source of power to keep your important gadgets charged on the trip. They are available in different capacities so I personally would suggest buying something between 10000 – 20000 mAH one because that can charge your phone, at least, three times.
  3. Book/tablet: Personally I am not a fan of taking the tablet on the trip I prefer the book, but it’s really your choice. Books don’t have the battery to worry about and they are Travelling Alonenot costly if lost, but the tablet can be another gadget to drain your power backup and bit costly to replace if lost. So I leave that on you to choose.
  4. Portable Speaker: My favorite, if you like music and tired of using headphones on the trip get a portable Bluetooth speakers. They are good to make the environment pleasant no matter where you are.
  5. Padlocks: Especially if you are planning to stay in hostels you should get a good padlock with you because hostels are not particularly safe (no matter how much they claim to be). Make sure it’s not too big because usually hostel lockers aren’t that big.


These are only some things which are destination independent, means no matter where you are going you should have these things because they are going to be useful. Other than these there are some other things you can consider but that might depend on where you are going. For example, I might take binocular when I am going to South Africa for safari. So it’s better to know about your destination and add things to the list above.

This is my personal list if you have anything else you think should definitely be in the list above please feeling free to leave the comment.



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