Travelling & Relationships: A Bizarre Comparison

The title of this blog post may sound like a love guru of sorts. But don’t worry; I am no expert at relationships. What I do know and what I would like to share with you are the procedures one has to go through to have an enjoyable trip with your special someone. The way I see it is that there are a lot of qualities and emotions which are incredibly similar when it comes to relationships (or dating) and travelling.

The idea of going on adventure, doing wild things, sleeping amidst the wilderness, exploring a new city or just soaking in the beauty of the outside sounds very exciting when you share the stories with your partner and most of the times the reaction of your partner sounds especially exciting if you have someone you love to share these experiences with. It’s an added benefit if your partner has the wanderlust too. They would make for perfect company and you would get to have the time of your lives. You would then be able to tell the tales of all your escapades to all your friends with gleeful smiles on your faces but going before all of that, there are extensive procedures to be followed: right from the planning to the landing back home is something which sounds way easier than it officially is. According to me, travelling would teach you a lot about your travel buddy (or partner) and help rediscover and rejuvenate yourselves. So here is some guidance on travelling with your partner.

Adapting to New Surroundings



The only ‘constant’ element in travelling is that you will always keep moving to new places. You could be swimming in the deep blue ocean one day and camping in the middle of the jungle the next. This will show you how good your partner is when it comes to adapting to new situations.

Being There for Each Other

I probably don’t need to remind you about how important the ‘me time’ is in every relationship. But when it comes to being alone in the strange country, you and our lover could be each other’s lifeline. There will be times when you will be lonely and miss your friends and family back home and this is when you will also see how well your partner understands you and will be there for you when you need him/her the most.




Travelling is not for faint hearted. Sometimes you would be walking through miles in the desert while sometimes you might be swimming with sharks. It takes real courage and motivation to not give up and keep moving. This is true for travelling as well as relationships.

Learning from Mistakes

No trip is perfect and so is the case in relationships. We learn from our mistakes and make sure that we face all obstacles together. During trips, there will be times when you or your partner might make mistakes and learning from those mistakes and moving ahead will demonstrate how you and your partner handle situations in personal life and deal with them.

Patience and Organization



Anybody can call the travel agent and get the best resort and flights booked within hours for a good holiday. But planning a trip takes patience, research and the ability to organize everything within a limited time while trying to make the best of it. Plan trips with your special one and see how patient they are and how much they care about the ‘adventure’ and not just the comfort levels.

Seeing Their Real Side

When you will be back home on your comfortable couch alone sipping the hot coffee, after spending a long and successful trip and going through your trip pictures, you will realize how much you learnt about your partner within the duration of the trip. Things you hadn’t known before. If all those thoughts bring a smile on your face, then trust me and don’t let your partner go. Your life will never be the same again.


Yes, travelling is all about not being selfish and helping others when needed. During the trip, you might come across a lot of things which are not the ‘perfect sights’ you had hoped to witness but showing some unexpected love to people who need it the most will reveal your partner’s sense of humanity and kindness.


One of the most important factors in relationships as well as travelling is the ability to be spontaneous. Every traveller in the world would agree with me on this one. The more spontaneous you are, more is the amount of fun that you are going to have and this is true for both.  When you are on the road, you never know what happens next.

I do understand that the comparison between relationship and travelling is quite bizarre. But if you have done any solo trips in your life where you had to do everything by yourself, you will know what I am talking about. Many may think that I am writing this based on personal experiences; well I will let that be a mystery for now.  One thing which I would like to end blog post with is when I come home from a trip, I do a thorough analysis of my emotions, behaviour and what I could have done differently to make some particular situation more positive rather than analysing my expenses for the trip. So I hope that you liked this small analysis.

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