Cape Town Diaries: Seven Must Do’s in Cape Town

    Table Mountain:

    The Table Mountain is undoubtedly the pride of the city. Climbing the Table Mountain is one of the main adventure activities to

    Go Pro View from the top

    Go Pro View from the top

    keep in mind if you are planning to visit the city. There are multiple ways of doing the same: you can choose to hike to the top of the mountain or take the cable car at the base. For hiking, there are multiple trails including the Platteklip Gorge Trail, the Pipe Track, and the India Venster etc. The India Venster is considered to be a little more dangerous than the others because it’s rockier and you would relatively need more upper body strength. Other trails take about 4-hours to trek and give some you amazing views on the way. There are personal guide services available in the city for those who are not sure about trekking alone. One of the popular ones is The Fynbos Guy. The guy is a personal guide and charges about 50£ for taking you on a trek with him and making sure that you enjoy the adventure. I personally took the cable car because I didn’t have enough time to trek the mountain and the wind currents were dangerously strong so it hadn’t been advisable to trek.

    Robben Island:

    KEAM5114Although Cape Town has all the entertaining things which a traveller could ever want to have within one place, it’s always better to do something different and get to know the historical importance of the place you visit. Robben Island has its significance in World History but had also played an exceedingly important role in the Independence of South Africa. The island used to be a political prison where Mr. Nelson Mandela spent decades as prisoners along with many other famous freedom fighters. There are organized tours of the Island and a ticket has to be bought online in advance from the official website. A ferry will take you to the island and the best part of the tour is that the ex-prisoners have been designated as the tour guides, so you get to hear the amazingly inspiring stories not from commercial guides but from the prisoners themselves. It maybe just a ‘story’ to us but for them, they are dark memories which no one would want to revisit but they do so everyday so that people of our generation get to be aware of what they had to go through to earn the freedom which South Africa enjoys today. I did this trip on my last day in Cape Town and I can definitely say that it was totally worth the time and a wholly different touch to my trip.

    Cape of Good Hope/Cape Point:

    One of the main attractions of not only Cape Town but all of South Africa is the Cape Point. The End Point of South Western Land should definitely be on your list. The drive through the Atlantic coasts had been one of the best rides I had had in a long time. On the way to Cape Point, you can visit many beaches like Camps Bay, Long Beach, Chapman Point and while on the way back from Cape Point, you could choose to take the False Bay route and visit the famous African Penguin Beach and the Fish Trek. You would need to enter the Table Mountain National Park to reach Cape point which costs a 120 Rand (8£) Entry and closes down at 7pm. The place is usually flooded with tourists because it is one of the major attractions in the city, so you should expect and prepare for the same when you plan to visit there. I did this road trip on my second day of the holiday and it was one of the best activities which I enjoyed in Cape.

    Cape of good hope

    Cape of good hope

    Lions Head:

    Lions Head is one of the most popular mountains to climb in Cape Town. Unlike Table Mountain, there is no cable car available in Lions Head. The only way to go to the top is to trek although the trek is very steep and can be easily completed in 3-4 hours if you have prior trekking experience. It’s free of cost and gives you a stunning view from the top. The trekking time usually depends on the wind currents because if the wind is high, it’s not safe to trek. So do check the weather before if you plan to do this trek.


    Long Street:

    QOVF2566Finally the party place and the life line of Cape Town. The street which is like any other street during the day time but undergoes a complete transformation as the sun goes down and the street becomes the most happening place in the city. Long Street is full of bars and clubs of all varieties and is undoubtedly the best place to hang out in evening. I went to Long Street on my second day in Cape Town and met some awesome couch surfers form Turkey and New Zealand. We met at a place called the ‘Beer Palace’ which was a brewery with some nice local as well as international beer. Long Street can be dangerous as well. So if you are roaming around up till late on the street, just make sure that you are not alone. I would suggest you to take an Uber back if you have plans to return late.

    Adventure Activities:

    Cape Town is a hub of adventure activities or basically anything else that you can possibly think of you. Once again, almost all the activities rely on the wind currents and the moment the wind is high, most of them are cancelled for security purposes. Some of the most common activities you can do in Cape Town are Skydiving, Paragliding, River Rafting, Mountain Biking, Hiking, Trekking and Quad biking etc. All activities are available at exceptionally affordable rates and can be booked on the spot without any prior bookings.


    Located at the foot of the Table Mountain, the V&A Waterfront was truly an unforgettable experience in my trip. It’s just incredibly ‘beautiful’ and there is no other word more suitable for this place. You can spend all day just sitting in a rooftop restaurant and watching the boats, big ships and people pass by. There are some inexpensive fancy restaurants on the waterfront which add the magic to the whole waterfront experience. I spent half a day just sitting in the corner of a restaurant called ‘The Harbour House’ with a glass of wine in hand and getting lost in the magical experience of the city.


    These are the seven most amazing things I think you should definitely try out if or when you visit Cape Town. But do not restrict yourself to these. If you are doing your research for an itinerary, you might want to check out the following things as well:

    • Gardens Route Adventure
    • Camps Bay
    • Penguin Beach
    • Cape Town Winery Tour
    • Bo Kaap

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