10 Pictures to Make You Fall In Love With Madagascar

From the thousands of pictures I took on my trip to Madagascar, I selected few here to show how beautiful the country is and these pictures will make you fall in love with the country. Its worth every effort and penny, feel free to drop your comments in the comment box.


Ruin of Queens Palace, Antananarivo: In 1993 the Queens Palace in Antananarivo caught fire and since it was one of the most important piece of history of Madagascar that government tried to rebuild the palace.


Another Shot taken from the hill top of the Queens Palace of the city of Antananarivo. Palace is located on the highest point of the city. That day it was raining hard and clouds were at their best.


The place was so beautiful I couldn’t resist. This is the third shot from the back of the Queens Palace, I don’t exactly remember what part of the palace this house is but it was some sort of quarter.


When we left early morning for our road trip to Baobab Avenue, we witnessed this amazing sunrise outside the city just few kilometres from Antananarivo.


This one is my fav and you can see why. On the long road trip the landscapes were amazingly beautiful and kept me busy with camera. You can see why I cant stop talking about the landscapes.


Another shot of a amazing Landscape on my way to Baobab


No matter how long the journey is if its this beautiful I would not mind being on road all day.


The one and only in the world, famous Baobab Tree. Cant say more about it, you can see what a worth spending 13 hour on road it is.


Next to the Baobab Avenue there were some small huts, people actually live there and for them its as normal as everyday. Here we are travel half the world across to see them.


My friend Faso playing with face of Madagascar, Lemurs. I find this picture very cute and its worth showing how lemurs can be your friend without knowing you.

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