Best Travel Apps for Backpackers

If you do an open search on Google, you will find tons of sites suggesting the best app for travelling. However, most of them forget to mention that by “travelling” they mean “holidays” and not the actual travelling. Apps like Expedia,, and so on are for those who want to stay in hotels and enjoy their holidays. For people like me who like to travel on a low budget, there are different set of apps that are not very famous because they are not owned by big corporate companies, but are equally important and helpful for an affordable trip. So let’s look at them category wise!



If you are flexible with the travel dates, Hopper is your best choice for cheap flights. All you have to do is put the source and destination, and it will crunch the data to let you know the day you can get the cheapest flight. The app will also tell you whether the price is expected to drop in future or not.


Like Hopper, you can put your city’sname in the app and it will suggest the best fares from your base location along with the return flight ticket prices. This kind of surprised me first when I used it for the first time.

Sky scanner:

Of course, the master of all flight searches is Sky scanner. As per my experience, I would suggest that you look for the prices at night and use this app only to check the cheapest option. Then, complete the final booking from the main airline website sometime airlines have their own offers going on, but you don’t get that offer if you book through some third-party travel website.

GTFO(Get the Flight Out):

If you have just been through a rough day and want to get away from your location, then this app is your saviour. If you put your base airport in the app, it will show you all the flights leaving that airport that same night. So just get on any plane you want and get away from whoever you are trying to escape from.



This app is a gold mine for backpackers. No matter where you are and how late you decide to book the accommodation, you can always find good and affordable options here.

This is similar to, but it has a mobile site instead of an app. So you have to open the website on your phone and use it as an app to book a hostel. You only have to pay 20% of amount while booking.

Another hostel-booking website similar the preceding two, so you have more options for booking. If you don’t like one website, you can use the other options. They all provide same services.

Hotel Tonight:

If you suddenly change your mind and decide to stay in a hotel instead, you can use this app. It brings up amazing deals and discounts on the hotels, and you can book the hotel for the same night at a great discount. The bookings can be made till 2 AM in morning and it works.

Maps: is a great app and very helpful in trekking and road trips in remote areas. If you don’t have internet while travelling, it’s not a problem. You can download the whole map and use it without internet on your phone.

Google Map:

If you have internet in your phone, this is your best bet and the hands down winner! It’s been a great help to me on my trips to new countries.

Currency Converter:

XE Converter:

One of the most important things on the trip is knowing what you are paying and not getting scammed in an unknown country. XE converter is light app and very useful for tracking the real-time conversion rates.

Phone calls:


if you want to make cheap calls to your friend and family back home while travelling, set up a Skype account and enjoy free calls. The only drawback of this app is that it requires a good internet connection. If you don’t have a fast internet connection, try the next option.


Another game changer app in the world connected by internet. This is a light app and offers very good performance even with slow internet connections.

Budget Tracker:

Travel Wallet:

This is a good app for iOS users to keep track of their spending on the trip and keep their budget intact.


Google Translator:

it might sound obvious and not important, but trust me this app can help you a lot—especially in non-English speaking countries.

ITranslate Voice:

Another iOS app that lets you speak and then translate it to any language you want. It can be helpful while talking to a complete non-English speaker.

 So these are some apps I use in my phone when I am on the road. There are more for sure, but I can only share what I shared my experience. Feel free to drop any comment if you know more about other interesting apps!

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