My Travel Pet Peeves

When it comes to travelling, one often needs a lot of motivation to pack up their things and get on that plane. This happens a lot, especially when it comes to solo travelling since the equations get totally changed. One can find thousands of reasons to start travelling and I have been giving you many motivational reasons about why you should start travelling, for quite a while Mauritiusnow. Whether I’d like to admit it or not, there are a few things which are set completely different from the fancy side of travel. I believe that one should get to know the whole picture before making travel plans. There are a lot of practical things about travelling which most people don’t really like and they demotivate the beginners most of the time. Things such as hygiene, fear of getting hurt, uncomfortable or noisy hostels, unorganised transportation, etc. These things are manageable and a lot of people do manage to stay safe from such fears while travelling. But apart from the practical side of it, there exists an emotional side to travelling which gets affected in a major way. A lot of people talk about ‘finding themselves’ on the trip. This could be true since travel does tend to bring out the best in you- emotionally as well as in other aspects. On contrary to all this, today I want to talk to you about the flip side to the emotional state while travelling and what I personally don’t like about travelling.

Fading Hope

MAZM4154It took me a while to realise what excites me the most while travelling. It’s the air of change. I began to realise that I get excited by the thought of ‘constant change’ and I also know that this feeling may or may not last forever. But I am hanging onto the hope that it does. When I get old and sitting in a wheelchair, these memories will be the ones to stay with me and I don’t ever want to lose or taint them. I want to make as many memories as I can before my life slows down. The more I travel, the more it excites me and while on the flip side, it scares me that someday I might run out of the ‘changes’. Someday, I might lose that emotion of excitement which makes a person like me, happy and gives them a reason to look forward in life.

Fear of Loneliness

The thing which I thought I loved the most about travelling is slowly turning out be the one that has been taking over my mind

View from the top

and haunting me. One of the things which I have realised over time is that in travel, we see and experience so many things which are really incredible and cannot be put into words…but without having someone to share them with, many times it feels as if they never happened. The moments we get to experience are magical and no matter how good I am with words, they will never be able to match even 1% of that experience. We just feel like there should be someone to share that excitement, to jump with the joy of having achieved something amazing, to laugh along over a drink, do crazy stuff in a foreign country and much more. I have been unlucky in the travel buddy department but I am still hopeful. That is what counts!

Terrible Way of starting a Friendship

travelI am not saying it’s the worst way of making friends. In fact, the friendships I made during my travels have been just amazing and probably are made for a lifetime. What I mean is that it’s a terrible way of starting a friendship. Sometimes, you meet people you really want to spend more time with and want to develop the friendship with…or maybe more. But you already know how it’s going to end – probably as friends on Facebook whom you may ping once in a month or maybe never. Some people end up meeting again (if lucky!) and friendships like that last way more than the others. People we meet during our travels are usually amazing people and the kind of friends you wouldn’t want to lose. But then again, the ‘change’ strikes back and you end up having them shift from the real to your virtual lives within moments.

Leaving the People who Matter the Most

Travelling is time taking the business. You may or may not have the best mode of communication to connect with the people


you care about, most of the time. With a full-time job and a lot of solo travel plans, I sometimes feel like the people who matter the most in my life are being left behind and this shouldn’t happen. The fear of losing someone close is the worst fear anyone can ever have.  Meeting tonnes of new people might keep us busy enough to forget to stay in touch with those who hold the utmost value in our lives. It’s important to keep in contact with them and cherish their presence in our lives before it gets too late. I have has this feeling messing around with my head for a while now and I finally decided to take my two-week Vietnam trip off the calendar and go back to India to meet my family and friends in the different cities. Always remember that life is a trip which is not complete if it doesn’t go through the place called ‘home’.

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