The Dead Sea Experience

The last lap of my Jordan trip was one of the most awaited moments of my journey. After spending 8 hours on a continuous trek in Petra, my taxi was waiting at the gate. I didn’t want to waste a single moment to get to the Dead Sea. I wanted to catch the sunset at the Dead Sea and it was a beautiful 3-hour ride along the Dead Sea coast before I checked into my first ever luxury hotel Crown Plaza Dead Sea Resort. I decided to treat myself to this luxury hotel because after two days of being on the road, I needed some time to rejuvenate. I was coming directly from a long trek with super dusty shoes and headscarf. The scene of me walking into the hotel in my trek pants was so unusual that the guard asked me, “Sir, are you staying here?” I don’t blame him because while I was at the reception, every eye in the lobby was looking at me and that made me laugh.

The Dead Sea is located between Jordan and Israel. The international border divides the sea at the middle and it’s pretty fascinating to think how the international border water works between these two countries.  The Dead Sea receives water from many rivers, including the famous Jordan River. The Dead Sea is landlocked from all sides, so there is nowhere for the water to go. Eventually, it evaporates and leaves behind the dense salts and minerals, which are later supplied to the nearby industries and factories in both the countries. The Jordan side of the Dead Sea is bound by a stretch of Desert Mountains and the rolling hills of Jerusalem are in the East.

Jordan’s east coast stretch of Dead Sea has become a major hub over the years for tourists—not only for spiritual reasons but also for health and wellness. Well connected by roads from all corners of the country and with a long stretch of luxury hotels on the coast, it is a major tourist destination. The Dead Sea is known not only for its salty water but also for its mud therapy. The mud from the Dead Sea is not just any mud you can dig in your backyard; it is specially enriched with minerals.

I spent my evening watching the most amazing sunset of my life. The horizon at the Dead Sea was something one doesn’t get to see so often. I lay down on the private beach and spent more than an hour just admiring the scene in front of me. Every part of me was hurting after the hike, but watching that sunset was the most satisfying and relaxing feeling ever. It was well worth all the efforts.

There is a public beach at the Dead Sea that is accessible to all for free. If you wish to spend more private time, you can always access the private beaches of the hotels like Mövenpick Resort & Spa Dead Sea. It costs about 25 JOD to access the beach and you can have access to all the facilities. I spent the morning at the beach enjoying the mud therapy and floating in the warm salty water of Dead Sea. I sat there watching tourists doing crazy things to take good pictures and some made unsuccessful attempts at swimming in the sea. I tasted one drop of water to see how salty it is, but I will advise you not to try that.

I spent the next few hours relaxing and finally left the hotel to get my flight back to Riyadh. My trip to Jordan was almost at its end. While driving back to Amman airport, the memories of the trip started flashing in my mind. I reminded myself that adventures are always unpredictable. When you plan an adventure trip, it becomes a holiday and you only see what you went there to see—not what it offers you to see. This quick trip to Jordan was totally unplanned; I met people on the way who eventually helped me to get the better routes, saved me money, shared the knowledge and made me smile. For me, a successful trip is all about the things I do and the people I meet. This trip had both the elements. I boarded my flight with a smile on my face and that’s all that matters.

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