Ten Pictures to Make You Fall in Love With Tokyo

Out of hundreds of pictures I took back in Japan, hardest job was to find the 10 most beautiful and diverse shots to not only make you fall in love with the city but also showcase all the moods of the great city.

I have selected my top 10 favourite pictures from Tokyo and want to share it with all of you. Every picture has a specific memory attached to it and that is something I would cherish all my life.

So here are my top picks.

Takeshita-Dori Street

Famous Takeshita-Dori Street. My first impression of this street was captured in this shot. I have never in my life have seen a street like this.

Monster Cafe

This was a moment captured while sitting in the Monster Cafe in Harajuku. This lady is the waitress, clearly dressed magnificently and having a moment of joy with our group.

Golden Gai

Walking in the dark streets of Shinjuku while looking for Golden Gai street, this shot was captured. Rest of the night is little blurry thanks to the 200 bars in Golden Gai.

Yoyogi Park

The temple in Yoyohi Park had this prayer wall where people were hanging their prayers. Lovely picture capturing the beauty of beliefs.


One of my personal favorite shot, this is from Shinjuku central garden. Autumn leaves are the second best thing to see after cherry blossoms.

Imperial Palace Tokyo

This shot is from the Imprial Palace garden in the centre of Tokyo. The massive garden was full of beauty and I spend as much as time I could to capture every piece of it.

Snow in Tokyo

The most Lucky shot of my travel history. After 52 years Tokyo had snow in November and I was there having hot coffee while capturing this shot from the top floor of coffee shop


alcatraz e.r

Talk about weird things to do in Tokyo and Alcatraz e.r was the place to be. A theme cafe full of most weird drinks and waitress, you can see why.


Last shot was taken from the Bullet train while I was leaving Tokyo for Kyoto and Mount Fuji.

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