10 Pictures to Make You Fall in Love With Sri Lanka

Out of all the pictures, I took on my trip to Sri Lanka here are the top 10 personal favourite ones. One of the most scenic and natural countries I have been to after Madagascar last year. It was a long due trip despite being one of the closest countries to India it took me a while to plan my trip there. I spent 10 days on the island and it was well worth spent. I had the opportunity to cover a lot of places as you must have noticed while following my previous posts about the country. So here are my top ten shots from Sri Lanka.

Colombo Museum

This shot was taken from the main gate of Colombo Museum on my first day in the country. The British era building is a two-floor history museum showcasing the country’s cultural history.


Temple of Tooth

The shot was taken while walking to the Temple of Tooth. The 150-meter walk from the main gate to the temple is a sight to watch.


Dambulla Cave Temple

Temple with more than 80 caves and over 150 statues of Budha is something hard to miss. Dambulla cave temple is a must while in Sri Lanka and this shot is from the main cave out of five open caves.



About a mile walk from the main gate to Sigiriya rock fortress is a pleasant walk. The shot was taken while walking to the main fortress from the main gate early in the morning.



The compound below the Sigiriya Rock Fortress is equally beautiful and green. This shot was taken very close the main fortress just before starting the hike to the rock. Sun was picking up and the lighting was just perfect.



Galle Fort was one of the most surprising things I experienced in Sri Lanka and this shot was taken just at the entrance of the fort area. The Old building from Portuguese era looked beautiful in the sunlight.



Another shot from Galle, this was taken from the edge of Galle fort where the land meets the Indian sea. The idea was to take the Galle lighthouse on the other side of the area with the coast and the sea.



My personal fav, while walking to Demodara Nine Arch Bridge early in the morning my friend was walking ahead of me on the railway track, it was then I noticed the sunlight and pulled out my camera. The result is here.


Demodara Nine Arch Bridge

This is the shot we waited for an hour for. Every hour train passes through this bridge and its one of the most incredible sight to see in the area. We missed first one by minutes so we had to find the good location to set the camera and wait for an entire hour for next train.


Sri Lanka

Final shot of the series was also the last picture I took in Sri Lanka. While on the train from Ella to Colombo I found the journey so incredible that I clicked this shot.

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