Surf’s Up: Hikkaduwa

Post Galle, my plan was to return to Colombo take the train to the final town on my Sri Lankan itinerary, Ella. I had recently met Hannah and Charlie at the Galle hostel. They said that they’d be heading to a small town lying in between Colombo and Galle, called Hikkaduwa. Over the past week in spent in Sri Lanka, I had had the unnamed (1)opportunity to visit a lot of places, explore numerous cities and have the chance to learn a lot about the historical heritage, natural flora and fauna.

I realised that I hadn’t partied ever since landing in Sri Lanka, and Hikkaduwa was just the place I needed to be for that purpose. I knew that my Sri Lanka tour would feel incomplete without a proper night out and so I decided to make a quick stop at Hikkaduwa for just 24 hours with my new friends, before heading on to Colombo.

Hikkaduwa is a small town on the Southern Coast of Sri Lanka. It lies about 17 km away from Galle and 98 km away from Colombo. The road from Galle to Hikkaduwa follows a straight route along the coast of the Indian Ocean.This made for a visually stunning 40-minute bus ride. I was to be staying at the same hostel as Hannah and Charlie, called the Hikkaduwa Beach Monkey. The hostel was more of a local house-turned-seasonal hostel establishment, with limited hostel facilities. But since the owners were really sweet and accommodating, not to mention the meagre fee of just 700 Rupees (4 Pounds), the quality of the hostel felt way more than I would have expected.

Hikkaduwa is a well-known ‘international destination’ for board surfing. Hikkaduwa was also featured on one of the episodes of the famous television series, “No Reservations”. Some people say that Hikkaduwa used to be much more beautiful than what it is now. The picturesque location by the coast turned out to be a bane when the tsunami of 2004 shook the entire region. Hikkaduwa recovered its lost beauty eventually, but a large part of the beach still lies in ruins.

I spent my afternoon at the beach, watching the surfers cut through the waves. My afternoon meal with Hannah and Charlie was really enjoyable. They were also from England and so, we had a lot in common to talk about. Discussing travel plans is always the preferred topic amongst backpackers and so we had a great time exchanging stories and other interesting incidents. The beaches of Hikkaduwa were clean and endless.The more you walk, the more you discover the true beauty of it. One can also spot massive turtles walking on the beach, vying for the tourist’s attractions.  After my long and tiring travels, this felt like the perfect place to lay back and relax, get foot massages and observe the hawkers sell curious souvenirs while sipping on our cold drinks.

We got lucky that day, as the hostel was full of travellers chatting and revelling in glory. The fifteen of us started an early party that evening; cheap beer, good music and some crazy people were just the experiences I was looking forward to in that town. Our hostel party soon escalated and we moved our celebration onto the beach. In no time, we were all relishing on the dance floor in the middle of the stunning beach of Hikkaduwa. We danced till late, talked about a lot of different countries and exchanged travel stories.Times like these are what make solo travelling beautifully.

I got to meet new people from all over the world- some were even from far off countries such as Kyrgyzstan. I really want to visit Kyrgyzstan someday, as it’s one of the few countries which haven’t being explored by many backpackers.Getting to know someone from such a unique country is a great confidence booster and revived my will to visit Kyrgyzstan.

Our night had a lot of twists and turns and we made it back to the hostel at sunrise. My plan was to leave the next day and so I took a quick nap to rejuvenate myself before heading back to Colombo. I had an overnight train from IMG_7431Colombo to Ella the same day.

I got to know that the Ukrainian group I had met at the New Year’s party in Colombo a week ago was staying at Bentota.Bentota has located just a few kilometres away from Hikkaduwa and lay on the way to Colombo. I decided to make a quick stopover at Bentota, to have lunch with my friends and bid them good-bye. We had some good food and a lot of thought-provoking conversation at the end of which, I got invited to visit Ukraine. I’ll hopefully make true to my promise soon.

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