Top Ten Must-Know Travel Tricks for Every Backpacker

(#6 isn’t known by 80% Daily Flyers!)

Always fly in State Airlines:

This is a trend I have subconsciously followed since the very beginning of my travels. I prefer booking flights with the State Airlines of the Country I am travelling to. The reason for doing this is that most airports have more counters dedicated to their State Airlines which tend to have more facilities allocated. This saves time and makes your journey smoother.

Pro Tip: Travelling in State Airlines marks higher chances of getting your seats upgraded.

Book Two One-way Flights:

Hear me out! This may not sound like the best idea at first, but continued experience and experimentation has taught me that booking two different flights instead of one round-trip tends to be cheaper in the long run. Different airlines have their own different routes and if money priorities over time for you, this is something you should definitely try out.

Travel Outfits Matter:

I usually wear track pants and t-shirt while travelling since they don’t risk chances of having anything metallic which in turn makes security checks simpler. However, every time that I have asked for upgradations at the check-in counter while wearing my tracks, the only thing I have received is weird looks from the officials. Curious, I decided to run some dry tests over my next few trips.I showed up at the check-in counter in my debonair business suits and had the pleasure of being upgraded 3 out of 4 times. This turned out to be an experiment in human psychology and in such cases, looks do matter.

Know your Code Share Flights:

It may be hard for one to travel with the same airline every time just to retain their membership. It could turn out to be an expensive and arduous task. But that’s where the code share flights come in handy.Code Share Flights are born when a particular Airline enters a mutually beneficial agreement with another Airline. These two Airlines would share the same flight and fly in these would, in turn, help you gain miles under the same membership. This gives you the benefit of having more options to choose from, without losing out on your miles and other facilities.

Try Changing Locations while Booking a Flight:

While booking a flight, we usually open the website to see the website of the local country.But how about opening the website of another country? For example; Opening the Japanese version of Skyscanner while in the UK. This does make a lot of difference as the prices vary according to the different locations. I can’t specify the exact algorithms that these websites use, but the usefulness of this trick is guaranteed by my personal experiences.

Download the Official Airline App:

Before boarding the flight, make sure to download the official app of the Airline you are travelling with. A lot of flights don’t have Entertainment screens but often let the customers use their devices to connect to the Internal flight Wi-Fi and use the app to watch movies or listen to music. This is both costs effective for the airline as well as convenient for the customers at the same time!

Plan Smart Stopovers:

This one varies according to the customer’s priorities. Some people prefer direct flights. This trick is for those who don’t mind travelling via connecting flights. While I was flying to Egypt last year, I took a connecting flight with a 12-hours stopover at Jordan. This was not because I was partial towards the Jordan Airport but because I wanted to see the Petra before travelling on. So I managed to visit two Wonders of the World within a single trip, just by planning it smartly.

Use of Airline Credit Cards:

If you don’t have business-class tickets but would still like to use the Airport Lounges, this magical card comes into the picture. A lot of Companies offer Credit Cards associated with a particular Airlines, and contain travel benefits that can be used to gain extra miles, get upgrades, earn more credits and even make payments.

Using the Incognito Mode inBrowser:

A lot of people think that this trick plays no role in changing the flight fares. But being a technically-inclined person, I do believe that it plays at least a minor (if not major!) role in changing the prices. For what it counts, if this helps you save even 10 pounds, it should definitely be on this list.

Book Meals in Advance:

Flight meals can be a nightmare if you don’t travel in business class. Booking your meal in advance while checking-in helps you have more choose from. Airlines usually don’t carry too many meal options on-board with them. So if they run out of food by the time your meal order comes, you may end up eating something you really don’t like. It’s better to be prepared in order to avoid such disappointment.

These were the top tips and tricks I have learnt over the course of my travels. They are something every budget-backpacker or even casual flyers should keep in mind while booking flights or travelling. I sincerely hope that these turn out to be helpful in your future journeys!

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