Surprise Yourself with a ‘Blind Trip’ Adventure

Have you ever imagine gearing up for a trip to an unknown destination? A trip where everything is pre-planned for you. Such a trip, where all you know are the dates of departure and arrival, is known as a ‘Blind Trip’.  As scary and risky as it may sound, I think that it’s equally exciting and fun. This isn’t something I am making up! There exist real companies which plan blind trips for the adventurous kind. There are a basic set of options you get to choose regarding your blind trip, i.e. your preferred travel dates, the budget, the number of travellers and a few other options except for the main travel destination! Below is a list of companies who are reviewed to be the best for providing blind trips.

Surprise Trips:

This UK-based company was founded in February 2016 by Expedia UK. It GOPR0919has been really popular ever since. Surprise Trips are known for their surprise European getaways and their website lets you choose the dates for your trip, the number of places to travel, the number of travellers and the budget you are willing to spend per person. One can also choose to exclude the places they wouldn’t want to go or have already been to. The travel destination is revealed to the travellers at the airport, just a couple of hours before the flight. They have a list of FAQs available on their website which helps settle further queries.

Pack Up And Go:

GOPR1093Pack Up And Go works with the same concept and are famous for their US-based trips and their short 3-day weekend getaway packages.One will need to inform them about the kind trip they are interested in, the budget, travel dates and fill out a little survey about their expectations in terms of holiday activities. Pack Up And Go sends in the weather forecast of the secret destination, a week before the date of departure so that the travellers can pack accordingly. The final envelope with the destination and detailed itinerary is sent a few days prior to the actual trip. It’s that easy to plan the surprise trip of your dreams! With the help of just a few clicks, with our entire trip is planned by the go with the best possible itinerary according to your interest survey.

Mystery Break:

Mystery Break is another UK-based company that was started by a couple of travellers. This website focuses solelGOPR1333-0002y on European destinations but other than making you give out the same information as needed by other such companies, this company allows you to exclude three destinations out of the choices provided by them. The travellers are informed about their destination and itinerary a few days before departure. Mystery Break also provides group bookings and other interesting packages to make your blind trip even better!

Euro Wings:

Euro Wings lets you choose your departure location out of the three fixed locations that they have- Cologne, Dusseldorf and Hanover. Based on the departure location, the category of the trip may change. One can choose up to 7 different themes of travelling.  The prices are fixed at less than 50 euros for each location. Euro Wings also lets you exclude three options from the list of available European destination countries.

I personally think that ‘blind trips’ are a great idea and definitely worth trying! I haven’t had the chance to try it for myself…yet.It is high up on my to-do list for this year and I shall try it out as soon as I move back to Europe.

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