The Wanderer

8d75d777-faf5-4af3-8147-13efef2b4f98 (1)My name is Ujjawal Chhaparia, For all my friends who find it difficult to remember, I have made it “Ujji” for them.

I am bitten by a travel bug and no plans for cure.

I have a full time job as a IT security consultant and I am based in England. Luckily for work reasons I never get to stay at one place more than a year and this is how my interest in travel started to build up. When I am not working I try to take full advantage of my time off by making a quick trip of any place I haven’t been before. I see myself as more of a ‘backpacker’ than a ‘vacationer’. I have explored over 24 countries worlwide and have a grand plans for the year 2017. An avid travel and photography enthusiast, I will be your guide for the ‘Wanderer on the road’. Come see the world with me.


Little Background:

I am 26 years old and originally from the Northern India (Yes, the hot part of the country). I have a masters degree in Information security from the University of London. Currently, I live and work in London as a Security Consultant.

Amazing things I have done:

  • Waking up completely blank about last night on 25 feet high tree house in Goa.
  • Jacuzzi in the middle of the mountains in Andorra.
  • Watching the sunset in Stockholm.
  • Riding bike after 6 beers on the wrong side of the road in Toulouse. (Remember I live in England?)
  • Driving 1800 km in two days in 34 degrees just to see Baobab Avenue in Madagascar.
  • Cuddling the Lemurs of Madagascar.
  • Diving with the Sharks in Cape Town.
  • Big 5 spotting in St Lucia, Africa.

Apart from this, I have a whole list of things to do. Find them on my Wishlist.

Countries I have Visited:

Andorra, England, France, India, Nepal, Saudi Arabia, Scotland, Spain, Sweden, South Africa, Madagascar, Mauritius, Turkey, UAE, ThailandJapan, Egypt, Jordan, Sri Lanka, Netherlands, Cambodia, Philippines.

My Travel Philosophy:

I always believe there is a very big difference between holiday and travel. Holiday affects the mind but travel affects the soul. I never call my trips a holiday because for me the holiday is when I am home everything else is just a never ending trip for me. I believe if you want to get the real travel experience then come out of your hotel rooms and meet the locals meet the other travellers and explore the place like you have been living there for ages. One this which makes my entire trip super successful is the people I meet during my trip. I make a very high-level plan and leave the micro-management of the trip on time. There is nothing more fun than being spontaneous in an unknown city with the strangers. In my experience, the best part of meeting other travellers and locals is they are equally welcoming as you so within no time we all come to the same page.

I have one more very good habit that I always maintain contact with everyone I meet on my trips.