Wanderer on the road

Welcome to my personal blog. I created this blog with a vision in mind. The mission is to help motivate people from all over the world, to get off their couches and go explore new places. I believe that travelling is something which helps inspire us and opens our minds to new things. An adventure is something out of the ordinary but also an experience that leaves travellers with life lessons and a sense of fulfilment. Travelling is my passion, and here I am, trying to inspire other people through my own experiences.
I was never a solo traveller and this has got to be one of the main reasons why I haven’t had the chance to start recounting my tales much earlier. But like they say, ‘it’s never too late’. Couch surfing was the chief reason and motivation behind my decision to start travelling solo. It taught me that when we travel, we are never alone.
The name “Wanderer on the Road” evolved from the idea of how I love to walk and get lost in a new place, a new city. That, according to me, is the best way to explore a new destination and gather new experiences. ‘Wandering’ is what I describe my way of travelling as.

‘Wanderer on the Road’ has no financial purpose or gain. It’s just another travel blog by just another travel enthusiast but I do hope to make a difference by sharing my yet untold stories and spread my love for adventures.
The plan is to feature articles, destination, travel tips and photographs to help travellers as well as to give the readers a virtual travelling experience through my words and pictures. The blog is more about travel experiences than the destination. For those who can’t sit still and have hearts that belong in the outside, welcome to my travel journal.