5 Unsung Attractions in Abu Dhabi You Should Know About

This post is a guest post submitted by a fellow travel blogger Akshay Koranne. Akshay likes travelling across the world and sharing the experiences through blogs and articles just like I do. It gives me great pleasure to share this important post about Abu Dhabi with you guys. 

Abu Dhabi is such a popular tourist attraction that it is hard to imagine there are still many places that are still to be discovered. Only a handful travellers and locals know about them, but they deserve more fame and popularity. Let’s look at 5 of unsung beauties you can explore on a trip to Abu Dhabi, and get an experience no other tourist gets.

Yas Marina Circuit:

Yas Marina Circuit is one of the reasons to visit Abu Dhabi, so, you can imagine this place is popular. So, what is it doing in a list of unsung places? Most people visit this place during the day. There are wonderful activities do here. But did you know that you can also visit the place in the night? Exactly; not many people know about the night time driving experience available at Yas Marina. You can hire a ride on the circuit and drive in an actual race car. This is one of the most fun things you can do. You will first be given a crash course (not literally) on how to handle the vehicles, and once you are ready, you just have to don the gear and head out on a joyride. Reaching speeds of 200 km/h is feeling you will never forget in your life. You can literally drive the stress out of your mind and body. If you cannot handle the car, you can also choose to ride next to a professional racer. This can be equally fun. Not many know about this experience, and you should make good use of the lack of crowds.

Yas Marina Circuit, Abu Dhabi

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Tour Abu Dhabi, and you will notice that its coastline is protected by a wonderful stretch of natural mangroves that are one of the most beautiful regions in the Middle East. These mangroves are home to a lot of rare marine and wildlife that can only be found here. Through conservation efforts, the Government has done a lot to restores it beauty, and to increase awareness about this place, tourists are even allowed to hire a kayak and paddle through the mangroves. The mangroves are full of hidden beaches, and secluded pools that you can explore. You will also get glimpses herons, turtles, crabs and many other creatures as you paddle deeper into the mangroves. It is all quite an adventure. There are many professional companies that rent out their kayaks and even provide maps for you to follow. Not many know of the beautiful mangroves that just a few kilometres outside Abu Dhabi. But now you know, so make to experience them.

Mangroves, Abu Dhabi

Pic Credit: www.adventureemirates.com

Observation Deck at Etihad Towers

If Dubai has the Burj Khalifa, then Abu Dhabi has the Etihad Towers. They are twin towers that are a mix of residences, offices, commercial spaces and world-class restaurants. Though these towers are nowhere near tall as the Burj Khalifa, they still provide a stunning view of Abu Dhabi’s skyline. On the 74th Floor of Tower II is 300. 300 stand for the height of 300 metres at which the observation deck is perched. This is a ticketed place and you will have to buy a ticket to get here. However, if you are q guest at Jumeirah Hotel, you get to go the observation deck for free. Your ticket includes food and beverages on the observation deck. So, it is not the just go-and-come place. You actually get to stay and enjoy the view and a delicious meal. Though a few people know about this place, it is not as advertised as Burj Khalifa, and hence, deserves more attention.

Etihad Towers, Abu Dhabi

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Art at Saadiyat Island

There are many famous museums and art exhibitions in Abu Dhabi, but the biggest one is yet to come. The Louvre Abu Dhabi will be ready in November 2017 and will be home to some of the most amazing art you will ever see. Though the museum was supposed to open in 2016, it got delayed. But now it is back on track. The museum will feature many great artworks from its French counterpart. But there will also be many original works. It will also be home to Islamic art, which is rare as there are strict rules about art in Islam. Many have waited with baited breath for this project to be complete, and now it is going to be.

Saadiyat Island, Abu Dhabi

Pic Credit: saadiyatculturaldistrict.ae

Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital

Now this place is one of the unsung attractions in Abu Dhabi. Falconry has been an important part of the Emirati culture. The Emiratis were once quite dependent on Falcons for hunting and communication. Though the situation is different today, the love for this bird remains the same. After all, Falcon is U.A.E.’s national bird. Abu Dhabi is home to the largest falcon hospital in the world known as the Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital. It tends to more than 6000 falcons is one of a unique place in the world. There are daily 2 hours tours given to the tourists. In the tour, you are given a lot of information on falcons and their physiology. There’s also a lot of information on the hospital, its history and the history of falconry in U.A.E. You also get to see the majestic birds being treated, and there is also a show where the Falcons perform tricks for your entertainment. This awesome place is a must-visit for people looking for a unique experience.

Falcon Hospital, Abu Dhabi

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The above are a few hidden gems of Abu Dhabi. Book tour of Abu Dhabi, and make an itinerary with Triphobo packed with these places for a different kind of vacation.

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