10 Pictures to Make You Fall In Love With Bhutan


This picture was taken in Thimpu. For a photographer monks may just stick out as a perfect picture model but be looking at them there and meeting them was also equally satisfying feeling. They opted for monkhood from the childhood and gave away so much of their life we can’t even think of.



This picture is from the temple of Phobjika. After trekking about an hour I reached in this monastery and some local rituals were going on when I saw this Monk standing in the sunlight to get some heat in the chilling weather.


The moment I reached into the valley of Phobjika the place got me on my toes. I have never ever seen so scenic place in my whole life before, believe it or not, but this is the view from my homestay in Phobjika valley.


The highlight of my trip was surely the people of Bhutan. I met these two superstars in Wangdu while wandering around in the town. I was the only tourist looking a person with a camera in hand so I got their attention. Since they were football players I made them pose like the champions. 🙂



Standing outside the Paro Museum looking at the Paro Valley can really give you goosebumps. It sure did to me and you can see why. The place was just magnificent and dreamy.



Being religious is in the blood of Bhutanese people. Their dedication towards their belief is just mindblowing. The prayer drums are the most common thing you will in the country.


While returning from Ha Valley to Paro city we stopped on the way because I spotted this view just above the Paro City. The view of the city was exactly the same as we used to draw in our childhood. So-called “The Perfect Picture”.


Haa Valley

The three holy mountains of Haa Valley is really something to look out for. The holy mountain is also the protector of the valley and people in valley worship the mountains in the form of two temples, White temple and Black Temple.


Challe la

Prayer flags not very uncommon in Bhutan but this place was just different for many reasons. Chale La is a mountain full of prayer flags, the reason is usually the flags are located on the top because of fo the strong wind. This place was magical with literally millions of flags.


Last but not the least.. the one motivation what made me go to Bhutan was Tiger Monastery. One of the hardest trek of my career but absolutely worth it. Its the most sacred place in the country and I just couldn’t agree more.

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  • Sugandha Mahajan says:

    Love the format of this post and your tiny descriptions that weave the story around the pictures. The picture with prayer flags is gorgeous!

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