Visit Lake Placid for a Great Rustic Getaway

If you want a real-life example of what a vacation really means you will struggle to do better than using Lake Placid to demonstrate.

This is a place that might well have inspired the original use of the word “vacation” as it is the perfect location if you want to truly escape from the hustle and bustle of modern life.

Here is a look at why Lake Placid is so enduringly popular with people who want to switch off their devices and connect with nature instead.

The best that nature has to offer

It is a bold claim to say that Lake Placid is somewhere that has the ability to offer you some views of the best that mother nature can deliver but when you are there to witness those autumn leaves turn such glorious shades of red and gold you might just agree with that accolade.

New England might claim all the headlines with it comes to spectacular fall scenery but Lake Placid is more than able to compete when it comes to witnessing a stunning riot of colours that are so calming and inspiring in equal measure.

If you are staying in the area during this amazing time of the year, at somewhere like the Courtyard Lake Placid, for example, you will be in a good location to be able to explore this amazing scenery either by foot, or by train, by booking a place on the Fall Foliage train tour run by the Adirondack Scenic Railroad company.

A big part of New York state:

Lake Placid is also a great venue to allow you the chance to appreciate the scale and beauty of the Adirondacks.

The Adirondacks span just over 6 million acres and account for about a fifth of the whole of New York state. Many parts of this geography enjoy protected status, which means that you get the chance to enjoy millions of acres of mountains and streams in their natural state.

With over 30,000 miles of waterways in the region, you are spoilt for choice as you can admire the views during a spectacular hike in the area or get a closer experience by taking to the water in a canoe.

Hiking the mountains

It is hard to beat the experience of hiking the mountain ranges that begin just outside of Lake Placid and you will get plenty of fresh air in your lungs along the way, as nearly all of the High Peaks are in excess of 4,000 feet.

Whiteface has an easy summit and Mount Marcy isn’t too technically challenging, so you will get the chance to accomplish a fair battle with nature that allows you to ascend to the top while being able to enjoy the views as you climb.

Interestingly, the Adirondacks are a bit of a geological quirk, as they the mountains are growing taller by about 3cm each year, so each time you return you will have to climb that little bit further to get to the top.

Lake Placid is the perfect place to enjoy a close encounter with nature and the rustic charm of the village also offers ample culinary rewards at the end of a busy day spent sightseeing.

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