Planning Your Next Itinerary With TripHobo

If you have been a regular follower of my posts, you must have wondered about the amount of hard work, extensive research and planning that goes into creating a successful trip itinerary. It’s a time-taking process and even a slight lack of focus could lead you to miss out on something important. One of my biggest assets while travelling is a website called I stumbled across TripHobo before my trip to Bhutan and was impressed by its efficiency. The website was fun and interactive, and it played the role of my humble travel concierge.

I always do a thorough research about the place I am about to travel by using as many resources as possible. On TripHobo, all I had to do was add the name of the country and cities that I would be travelling to, and I was immediately suggested the best hotel options that fit my criteria. I was also suggested homestays. You may or may not want to add the hotel based on your preference. Once you are done with the hotel, it automatically designs a very thoughtful daily itinerary by including all the major attractions in your plan.

The range of options for every place can be changed; you can change the dates, time, price, transport options and almost everything in the plan. I found this extremely easy to use, so I would like to break this process into steps and try explaining to you how this website works.

Getting Started:

The easiest way to get started is to enter the country you want to go in the banner below. This will redirect you to the TripHobo website. For example, let’s take Spain for the purpose of this post. The website automatically detects your current location and sets it as the base location on the website (you can change the location though).

The portal gives you a list of cities in the country to add to the plan. You can add multiple cities or another country in the plan. Based on the location, the website automatically offers the cheapest transport option in Bus, Train and Flights.

Planning the itinerary:

After selecting the dates and the city/country, let’s focus on what to do in the city. There are two ways you can plan this, one “Save and Let me Plan” and “Save and Suggest me plan”. Both allow you to change almost everything at any time, so I will suggest that you go with Save and Suggest me a plan to make most of this website.


The new page lets you choose the hotels first and add it to your plan. The hotel options are available from multiple websites like, Airbnb and Agoda. The website automatically offers you hotel options for all the days you are planning to spend and will add it to your itinerary chart in the background. You can opt for those or choose not to add any hotels by selecting Skip to plan on the top-right corner of portal if you don’t want to.

Daily Itinerary:

After you finish adding the hotels, the website automatically adds the sights/city tours/events in the city for each day and presents a fully customized daily itinerary. You always have the option to change them according to your requirements,  and you can read more about their opening and closing timings and other important information there.  You can change the dates, and more sights and opt for a range of city tours; it’s all available from different sources in one place.

Finishing Up:

Once you are happy with the plan, you can always save the plan and email it to yourself and your travel buddies. You can also download the itinerary in text format and print it. The website doesn’t charge you anything for these services. You can choose to book your hotels directly while planning or can leave it for later. While planning the trip, the cost calculator on the top will give you a good idea of your budget for the trip that you can again control based on your budget.

I personally liked the website because of the range of options it offers for the trip. Even if you have no information about the city you are going to, its automatic suggestions for the best things to do in the city helps you do more targeted research and design a perfect itinerary.

I really recommend this new cool tool for the planning phase of the trip. Give it a try and let the planning phase become more fun than before. Feel free to drop me an email or comment if you have any questions.

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