Stop Hotel Booking Guesswork with TripRethink!

Travelling can be fun! But, there are few aspects of travelling that can be tedious. One of them is finding the best deals on hotel booking. Did you ever feel frustrated when you figured out that there was a better deal after you booked a hotel room? This must have left you wondering when the right time to book a hotel is. This is when I found out TripRethink, a start-up based in India.
TripRethink is offering a unique service wherein it tracks the price fluctuations on an already booked hotel room. It strives to make sure you don’t pay the excess in your hotel room ever again. On an average, 35-40% hotel reservations undergo fluctuation in their prices
You are in control of your decisions, TripRethink (Website) notifies you every time once its unique algorithm locates the same hotel room, for a lower price. You can choose to rebook or continue with the existing deal. Meanwhile, TripRethink is on the lookout for better deals on your reservation until your check-in day.

How it works

You just have to follow three simple steps

1. Book a hotel room at any website under free cancellation policy. (It is interesting to note that there is no compulsion for the user to book only on their website.

2. Just forward the hotel reservation details to them at You will receive an email if they find a better deal on your existing booking.

3. You can choose if you want to retain your existing deal or rebook the better deal they notified you about. Their motto is to help the customer ‘Pay Less and Stay Better’.


No sign-up required

This site doesn’t ask for a sign-up! (Great! Because you can save yourselves from filling all those details) All we have to do is forward an email with our existing hotel reservation details to The moment you forward the details, TripRethink starts monitoring your hotel reservation prices and you’ll receive price drop notifications whenever the algorithm finds one.

You don’t have to pay them

Now there must be a question which you might want to ask. Do we have to pay them? No, they will not charge you a penny. They work towards helping people save both time and money on their hotel booking. They don’t ask you for any credit card numbers. The only thing you would provide is the hotel confirmation email with your hotel booking details.

So, now you don’t have to face the dilemma as to whether to book a hotel room in advance or the last minute. The next time you travel, don’t worry if you are getting the best deal for your hotel booking. Just book on any website and relax while TripRethink will get to work to spot the best deal for you!

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