Things Not To Miss In Bangkok

Bangkok is not new to anyone, there is hardly anything left which has not been explored yet. Just like you guys I also spent hours and days researching about things to do in the city before I went there. I don’t promise to reveal some mystery place in this post but I can only compile the list of places I went when I was in the city. One thing is for sure which I realized in Bangkok that there is nothing in the city which is should be considered as a ‘Must Do’.  You can spend weeks or couple of days in the city both can be equally materialized. So following are the things you can include in your list if you are researching about Bangkok.

Temple Run:

You are in South East Asia and temples are the heart of every small or major city you will visit not only in Bangkok but any city in the region. Bangkok also hosts some of the most beautiful and famous temples in the region. The word temple in Thai language is called ‘Wat’ and that’s the reason every temples name starts with the word ‘Wat’. Some of the biggest names are Wat Po’s Reclining Buddha, Wat Arun , Golden Mountain Temple, Wat Phra Kaew, Wat Benchamabophit, Wat Intharawihan and Wat Traimit.


I won’t be wrong if I call ‘Massage’ another synonym of Thailand. One of the biggest stereotypes I have ever heard about Thailand is that it’s famous for Massage.  To be honest it’s not wrong though, every street you go, every area is full of massage parlours and a lot of people don’t know this but you can actually get massage even in temples and those massage will be the best one you will ever had. Best acupuncture massage I had was in Wat Po’s Reclining Buddha temple compound it was just divine as if they know where exactly your nerves are. Yes, I won’t deny there are lot and lot of massage parlour keeping the ‘Happy Ending’ flag high of Thailand as well choice is yours. What sticks out for me was the foot massage parlours, as you walk on the famous Khao San road of the city you will see a lot of places where you can get foot massage for as cheap as 150 Bhatt (3£) for half hour. Because the city is best explored on the foot Thai people just know what you would need after a long shopping walk, a great foot massage and it’s worth every single penny.

Sight Seeing:

Bangkok has plenty to offer when it comes to sightseeing, although temples mentioned above are no less of a sight themselves but if you get temple fatigue there is a lot more to see in the city. Bangkok Grand palace is a sight you can’t miss no matter where you are standing in the city especially in the night the palace looks just amazing. Palace opens on till 3 pm so make sure you don’t drink too much a night before and wake up early if you want to see this masterpiece. Bangkok Old City and China town are two other major places you should definitely add to your list. There is nothing more chaotic and busy street you will ever see than China town and if you fancy some mouth watering street food and cheap shopping Bangkok Old city is your place. Floating Market is the Venice of Asia, little outside the main city but worth visiting if you can’t afford Venice but still fancy to ride on those cute little boats full of colourful fruits and flowers.

Party Time:

Your Bangkok trip is not complete until you go completely wasted in the middle of Khao San Road. This road is the heart of the city, flooded with bars and funky restaurants, backpacking hostels, foot massage parlours and small shops. The only problem is the bars in Bangkok close at 12am which is little early as per the reputation of the city but clubs are open till morning so party shouldn’t stop.  Suk Soi 11 is another party street but the crowd here is mostly expats and backpacker mix. Nice cheap restaurants and bars like Cheap Charlie, Oscar and Marshmallow got good music which makes the night just perfect.  Other than these Royal City Avenue is Bangkok’s most famous clubbing street where you can find clubs full of locals as well as travellers in the city.

Something for the Boys (18+ only):

Thailand being the sex capital of Asia is no more a myth and everyone knows it so there is nothing to hide there. Yes, Bangkok is full of streets and clubs and places where people of all age can be found having some good time. I have seen majority of areas where guys go but I am sure for girls also it’s no different. Among all the places the three most famous streets of Bangkok are Patpong, Nana Street and Soi Cowboy. As a traveller yes we wanted to see what is all the fuzz about and we did explore not all three because of lack of time we heard from our local sources that Patpong is the most scamming street so be careful if you plan to visit there. Nana was the decent area with lot of nice local bars (apart from strip clubs etc.) which were good to have couple of beer and have a pool game maybe. If you are not interested in any adultery its fine to visit these streets then as well, no one will ask or do anything to you until you show any interest so the whole point is don’t judge the book by its cover. Some bars are great and it’s fun to just visually admire the street and off course more if you got some cash in pocket and ready to feel the colours of the city.

So these were few places and things me and my friend did on our three day in Bangkok, we explored till our legs gave up then we got foot massage and explored more. That’s how the city roles, we almost lost the count when we slept in those three days but the city was fun and in couple of days we also made some local and traveller friends. So let’s see next when I get to visit Bangkok again. Till than keep wandering.

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